As a committed South African, I will strive to serve my country and its people with respect, dignity and integrity, and consistent with the values and principles of the Constitution.

I commit myself to set an example through ethical conduct for the furtherance of integrity and good governance and to report all corruption and other forms of unethical practice that I am aware of.

I will not accept or offer any advantage, gifts or benefits that might be seen to prejudice my position or lead to conflicts of interest.

I am prepared to explain honestly and be accountable for my actions when dealing with all spheres of society. Therefore, my actions will be transparent.

I will strive for high standards of service and ethical behaviour that are conducive to the development of the economy and the eradication of poverty.

I will promote these values in those around me.

Through the above actions I hope to promote the welfare of all our people.

This is my pledge to the people of South Africa.

The Integrity Pledge was launched and signed by NACF leaders on 30 August 2006.