Section 5

Additional resources

The Open Democracy Advice Centre (ODAC)

The Open Democracy Advice Centre’s purpose is to promote open and transparent democracy; foster a culture of corporate and government accountability; and assist people to realise their human rights through supporting the effective implementation of laws which enable access to and disclosure of information.

• We advise individuals who are unsure whether or how to blow the whistle.
• We help organisations to comply with the new law.
• We provide guidance materials on law and practice, and training and consultancy services.
• We work closely with all relevant players to promote responsible whistle-blowing in South African organisations.

Contact details:
Alison Tilley, Project Director of ODAC
6 Spin Street
Cape Town
Tel: (021) 461 2559; Fax: (021) 461 2814

The Institute for Security Studies (ISS)

The Institute for Security Studies is an applied policy research institute with a mission to conceptualise, inform and enhance the security debate in Africa. Since 1996 ISS has conducted research on whistle-blowing as a corruption prevention tool under the Organised Crime and Corruption Programme. AUSAID funding has enabled the Institute to play a role in the development of and awareness around the Protected Disclosures Act.

Contact details:
Lala Camerer, Institute for Security Studies
67 Roeland Square,
Cape Town, 8001
Tel: (021) 461 7211
Fax: (021) 461 7213

The Public Service Commission

The Public Service Commission is an independent and impartial body created by the Constitution to enhance excellence in governance within the public service by promoting a professional and ethical environment and adding value to a public administration that is accountable, equitable, efficient, effective, corrupt-free and responsive to the needs of the people of South Africa.

Contact details:
Public Service Commission
The Secretariat, Professional Ethics and Risk Management
Private Bag X121
Pretoria, 0001
Tel: (012) 352 1031
Fax: (012) 325 8323

The Office of the Public Protector

The office of the Public Protector is committed to assisting Parliament in strengthening constitutional democracy in South Africa. It strives to achieve this by enhancing fairness and efficiency in the provision of governmental services, by combating injustice and unfairness in public administration, making governmental agencies accountable for their actions and recommending corrective action.

Contact details:
Office of the Public Protector
Private Bag X677
Pretoria, 0001
Tel: (012) 322 2916
Fax: (012) 322 5093

The Office of the Auditor General

The office of the Auditor General is an independent and impartial body created by the Constitution to provide independent and quality audit and related value adding services in the management of resources, thereby enhancing good governance in the public sector.

Contact details:
Office of the Auditor General
PO Box 446
Pretoria, 0001
Tel: (012) 426 8000
Fax: (012) 426 8240