No. 26 of 2000. (The Whistleblowing Act)


Since February 2001 South Africa has had legislation which protects employees in the public and private sector from occupational detriment, should they blow the whistle. As it potentially affects you and everyone who works with you, I do hope you find the time to read this publication.

Understood and applied effectively this legislation will help you as managers to identify and manage risk and protect your reputation and the reputation of the public service. A key part of the national strategy to fight corruption in the public sector, is to encourage ethical individuals within the service to raise their concerns in a responsible manner.

This guide has been prepared by the Institute for Security Studies (with generous funding from AUSAID) in association with the Open Democracy Advice Centre and the Public Service Commission. Further information about these organisations is set out at the end of this guide.

As the Commission, we are pleased to co-operate in this venture in order to promote an ethical organisational culture premised on openness and accountability. This is a challenging process and we trust that this guide will help prepare public sector managers for when the whistle blows.

Yours sincerely

Prof Stan Sangweni