Report on the proceedings of the Third National Anti-corruption Summit


The Third National Anti-Corruption Summit hosted by the National Anti-Corruption Forum (NACF) was held on 4 and 5 August 2008 at the Birchwood Conference Centre in Ekhurhuleni, in Johannesburg. The theme of the Summit was, An Integrated National Integrity System: Consolidating the Fight Against Corruption. The Summit presented the opportunity for all sectors of South African society, namely the Public, Business and Civil Society sectors, to collectively reflect on the crafting of an Integrity Framework for the country as well as the values underlying such a Framework.

The objectives of the Summit were, (inter alia):

  • To develop an holistic and integrated approach to the fight against corruption
  • To build a framework for national integrity
  • Ensure a continued awareness to prevent and combat corruption, in order to embed and deepen the fight against corruption.

The concept of a national integrity framework was advanced at both the Africa Forum on Fighting Corruption and Global Forum V which were held in Johannesburg during March and April 2007 respectively. Amongst others, issues highlighted at these two conferences were: the values necessary for building an integrated national integrity system; the need for a common approach resulting in a holistic system of integrity and its measurement, as well as the roles of stakeholders towards establishing a framework for national integrity. In pursuance of such a holistic approach for the establishment of a national integrity framework the Summit provided the opportunity for all delegates to examine and exchange views on areas in which progress had been made with legislation, coordination, and implementation of anti-corruption initiatives.